Seb Rose – Less is More: An Introduction to Low-Fidelity Approaches

This session will demonstrate some key techniques that help decompose large problems.

Decomposing problems is a key skill that all software developers need, but we’re often not very good at it. Whether it’s stories that take longer than an iteration, or features that can’t be delivered in the expected release, we’ve all seen the problems that tackling an over-large problem can cause.

We’ll work through two detailed examples to demonstrate the value of delivering small, low-fidelity pieces of work early rather than prematurely focusing on fully-polished final versions. One example will walk through development at the implementation level using TDD, while the second will work through an epic, taking it down to stories that can be implemented in one or two days.

By the end of this session, you’ll see that small IS beautiful, and understand just how small, small can really be.


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