Sallyann Freudenberg – Neuro-diversity and Software Development

Neuro-diversity and agile: what leading experts in Autism, Creativity and the Psychology of Programming can teach us about the way we develop code

Software development is a pretty amazing endeavour. That the human brain can manipulate such an intangible and complex domain is nothing short of astonishing. We’ll take some very different slants on the psychology of programming and explore how each of them might be better supported:

Cognitive – What is known about the mechanisms we use to help us manage the complexity of programming? How do our tools help or hinder this? How does knowing this help us in the process of software development? What else could help?

Autistic – It seems there is a higher propensity towards autism and aspergers in STEM careers. What do we know about the autistic / aspergers mind and how does that lend itself to developing software? How might we better support autistic individuals at work?

Creative – What do we know about the creative process? What inhibits creativity at work and how can we foster it?

Introverted / Extraverted – What distinguishes introverts from extraverts? What challenges does this create for each? How can we create an environment that supports both?


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