Rosemary King & Simon Phillips – Maintaining Continuous Learning Under Pressure

Lean Product Development is predicated on validating assumptions that we make about the product we want to build in lightweight ways; user research, contextual studies, paper prototypes, simple clickable prototypes. A few short weeks of these activities can massively reduce the risk of building the wrong thing, and in a world where developing the wrong software can cost millions or sink a company, the investment can be well-worth the time.

So how do you structure a project so that Product and Design have an opportunity to answer necessary questions, while making sure you’re not wasting developer resources or boring the crud out of your team?

This joint presentation by Pivotal Labs Product Manager Rosemary King, and UX Designer Simon Phillips will explore why up front investment in Discovery and Framing set up a project on solid foundation, how to involve development teams in the exploration and synthesis process, and how to set a cadence for your UX design work so that a comfortable buffer exists to allow for continual evolution of the product based on user feedback and changing understanding. Baked into the presentation will be case studies, challenges and lessons learned on recent lean/agile projects.


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