Inclusive Collaboration

Sallyann Freudenberg
Lean Agile Scotland 2016

Inclusive Collaboration

What is the Neurodiversity Movement?
“The Neurodiversity movement has grown out of a rising awareness that rather than seeing different kinds of thinkers as people who are “broken” and need to be “mended” we would do better to consider everyone part of a normal spectrum of genetic diversity. That rather than looking for cures for things like autism, we should be looking to provide an environment in which everyone can thrive (be under no illusions, statistically you have neurodiversity in your organization whether you are aware of it or not). So everyone needs to allow people to focus on their special interests, capitalize on their abilities and not be judged about or forced to participate in things that align badly with their cognitive styles or aptitudes. Through doing so you will not only be helping your employees to be healthier and happier, you will be embracing the diversity that your organization and your products desperately need.”

What is the Inclusive Collaboration Campaign?

Inspired by the work by Sal Freudenberg, this is a campaign founded by Sal & Katherine to promote, embrace and celebrate neurodiversity in tech to help teams, divisions and companies escape the mediocrity of monoculture and truly benefit from the incredible talents its individuals hold.

To kick things off Sal & Katherine have worked together to create a small booklet of experiments  – hoping to inspire others to do the same – opening up the conversation and promoting the cause. They want others to get inspired in this space and experiment too.”

How can I join up?
Just DM @inclusivecollab and lets start the conversation – the campaign needs all sort of people – ambassadors, champions, co-experimentors … you name it.  Everything counts!

What’s happening next?
After this soft-launch at LAScot – there are conversations already underway to roll this out in other conferences around Europe.  There will also be co-experiment groups and meet ups. And, whatever ideas come from the people that step up.  Are you one of them?


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