Elizabeth Ayer – Zen and the Art of Continuous Delivery

Delivering software is exciting, but usually for the wrong reasons: it’s stressful, frantic, and risky. You might think that Continuous Delivery would make this a million times worse, but it actually brings an aura of calm to the process, letting high-quality software changes flow unimpeded.

No longer an exotic practice of the mystic monks of Etsy and Facebook, Continuous Delivery is taking hold even in famously laggard places (think gov.uk). It isn’t because of extreme requirements for speed – although this motivated the pioneers – it is because the shift in perspective is incredibly powerful for structuring effective teams and processes.

In this session, you will see how Agile teams benefit from developing a Continuous Delivery pipeline and, drawing on examples from my experience and research, practical steps for your own team. Borrowing from the concept of mindfulness, this talk aims to bring some clarity and simplicity to the messy problems of software delivery.


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